Our founder Natalie Manima shares how she has balanced her PHD, Motherhood, practicing as a Therapist with entrepreneurship.

As we look to celebrate Mother’s day on the 31st March, Bespoke Binny’s founder shares how she has balanced motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Prioritising Family and Self Care

The British born Ghanaian-Jamaican founder, who is also a practicing CBT therapist starts by sharing “I always remember to prioritise self and family care. This has meant being comfortable with deferring my PHD and business opportunities to take care of family and self. I have come to believe that opportunities will always come around for my business. Whereas every minute counts with being a mother, wife, daughter and a friend.”  

Recent featured in Oprah mag, Etsy featured seller and Design sponge, have come 5 years into the business, supporting Natalie’s belief in timing.

Reinvesting in the business

“By not taking a salary from my business means I can reinvest the revenue for growth. When I was a little girl, my Maternal Grandfather would talk about the concept of something growing steadily, until it becomes something significant over time. I apply that same concept to Bespoke Binny.

Knowing when to ask for help

Natalie also believes that without the help of her family, the business would not be where it is today.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” is one of my favourite African proverbs, and it happens to be true in my journey in life. Being able to ask for help from family has meant that I don’t take on too much by myself. I remember early on we would travel across London to market stalls and events as a family. Now I am able to have my own pop up stores, I still turn to my family first for their support.”

Trusting your gut

“I have come to learn that my gut feeling has never failed me. My mother has always raised me to be courageous and bold in my decision making, and instilled in me that very few things in life are irreversible. We have made some decisions which at the time didn’t seem to make sense, but years later prove to be the seed for future success”

Bespoke Binny are offering a 20% discount on all items, for those looking to show their mama some love. Use discount code: TSRMAMA. offer available until 31st March 2019.


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