Passport to Africa

London is my home, but my Ghanaian heritage is a huge part of my identity. It’s a real joy that my products are a means of sharing a beautiful part of my African influences - a little bit of Africa for your home. However. Nothing can rival the first hand experience of Africa itself. And if you were inspired by my last blog post about the benefits of travel - let me recommend to you my Top 3 African Countries to add to your bucket list…

African print passport holder


The warm Ghanaian akwaaba  (‘welcome’), you will receive is an immediate invitation to explore this stunning and diverse country. If you love to dive into city culture, visit the coastal capital, Accra. You’ll experience the heart of the city by heading to Mazola Market. The vendors here sell everything - really! A personal highlight is the textiles - the locally dyed and weaved fabrics in bold colours and patterns are so unique to this corner of the world. After the buzz of the city centre, the relaxing stretches of beach offer the perfect antidote.

For breathtaking natural beauty, travel to the Wli Waterfalls - the tallest waterfalls in West Africa. The trek to the lower falls is about 40 minutes of beautiful scenery and well worth the walk. Venturing to the upper falls is a longer hike but a rewarding view for those more intrepid travellers.

South Africa

Cape Town has long been a popular city for holiday makers. The draw is understandable - the city combines contemporary edge and architecture set against the magnificent backdrop of Table Mountain. Not to mention the white sand beaches a short trip from the city. Boulders Beach is a favourite tourist spot as it’s home now to a penguin colony - not the wildlife immediately associated with South Africa!

I also recommend venturing out of the city to the ‘Winelands’. Stellenbosch is the most established of the wine regions, famed for producing more award winning wines than any other part of the country. Head to the charming village of Franschhoek and stay at a vineyard nestled in the beautiful contained valley. It’s an unbeatable setting to enjoy a glass of wine, watching the sun drop in the sky over the rolling valleys.


When most people picture Africa, they picture the grassland planes of Masai Mara in Kenya. It might be a cliched image, but it really does live up to the magical perception. It’s thought of as the home of safari, in fact the term even originated in Kenya - in Swahili ‘safari’ means ‘journey’. The best experience is of course to book a three or four night guided trip where you really are deep in the wilderness, a guest of the natural world.

Most wildlife tours set off from Nairobi, the most cosmopolitan of East Africa’s cities. There are fabulous places to eat and drink here and the city offers a lively nightlife.

For a taste of authentic Swahili culture, head to Mombasa on the coast and visit the ‘Old Town’. The city is an intoxicating blend of Indian, Arabic and African influences. Fort Jesus is rich with history and there is no shortage of guides to tell you about it, some more credible than others! I recommend a visit to the Spice Market - a glorious assault of scents and aromas with the colourful delights of turmeric, peppers and cardamom.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been to one of these countries. My recommendations can only skim the surface and hope to pique your interest in further researching a trip… do let me know how you get on.

Love + Light


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