Home is where the heart is

If you asked me my favourite adage this would be it! I passionately uphold that Home is so much more than a storage space you can sleep in: it is a sanctuary, a safe haven and a reflection of who you are. And the importance of ‘Home’ is the foundation on which Bespoke Binny is built.

Having worked for many years as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I recognise the value in cultivating the best possible home environment when it comes to managing low mood, depression and anxiety. Creating and allowing ourselves a real sense of comfort and self at home shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when modern life can demand so much of us.

I know too well the pressures - I have juggled a busy career in the NHS alongside caring for my ill mother. But because of my profession I also know the importance of self care. I have always loved the craft of sewing and this became a therapeutic activity for me. It simply brought me pleasure, making wax print cushions and lampshades to begin with, using colours and prints that are an uplifting part of my Ghanaian upbringing.

There is much to be said for the cheering effect of bright colours and I particularly love that I’d made something for my home that is beautiful reflection of my heritage, a reminder of growing up surrounded by these patterns and prints. The compliments I received from friends about pieces I had created encouraged me to try out a few craft markets in 2013. Soon enough, the business took off! I truly love that my products are now further reaching than my own home and can be enjoyed by others.

There is something very special about a business born of a passion project, but when something is so close to the heart it can be affected by personal trials and tragedies that life inevitably throws us.

I had to put the business on hold in 2016 after experiencing a still-birth. It was such a sad and difficult time for my family and I and I needed to take a break from the business to consider whether creating was something I could carry on with. It was only once I opened up about my very personal experience that I realised the powerful effect of sharing. After one Instagram post I was inundated with private messages from women who had gone through similar tragedies and previously felt they couldn’t talk about it. I was touched, and felt encouraged and invited to carry on giving out and sharing with the world something that I uniquely can.

The business was relaunched in the November of 2016 after a nine month break and I’m so glad that I was reminded and empowered to keep creating, keep sharing something beautiful. I am also pleased to say after a very anxious second pregnancy, we have now added a plus one to our family.

Now you know a little more about me and the origins of Bespoke Binny, I’d love to hear from you. What is your passion project? What is it that you long to share with the world but need some encouragement before you do? And how do you create a comforting and inspiring environment in your home? Get in touch!

Love + Light,

Natalie Manima


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